Powder metallurgy products, low-cost advantage is increasingly clear

As China's national conditions caused by powder metallurgy and history, China's technological level of powder metallurgy products from the developed countries still have some gaps.
According to reports, the current domestic production of mainly low-end products, the level of developed countries at the basic level of technology in the late nineties, for the more advanced powder metallurgy technology involved is small. Nevertheless, China's powder metallurgy technology has been trying to follow the footsteps of continuous development and progress of modernization.
Most of the domestic enterprises in the design according to someone else's level to be processed, under normal circumstances only undertake technology research and development, which is actually not really a product research and development. Due to technical innovation ability of domestic enterprises started late relatively poor, only in the digestion and absorption and innovation efforts on imitation, and completely original innovation is not enough, the other in the product development process management level to be improved. Although China's automobile industry, metallurgy establishment of an effective quality management system, the production of products have been recognized by the majority of users, but in the process control and product quality level is still not on a par with developed countries.
Of powder metallurgy products prices have been low, with the improvement of science and technology, high quality and low price advantage will become increasingly apparent. Pay attention to the policy of energy conservation and saving aspects, the development of automotive powder metallurgy products will provide better conditions.