Powder metallurgy products have significant advantages in precision, permeability, etc.

Powder metallurgy is the preparation of metal or metal powder (or a mixture of metal powder and nonmetal powder) as a raw material, after forming and sintering of metal materials, composite materials and various types of technology products. Powder metallurgy and production of ceramics have similarities, therefore, a series of powder metallurgy technology can also be used for the preparation of ceramic material. Because of the advantages of powder metallurgy technology, it has become the key to solve the problem of new materials, it plays an important role in the development of new material.
According to reports, after the formation of the workpiece to be pressing, baking and other processes, but due to technical limitations, product quality is not so ideal. But now with powder metallurgy technology, everything is different, it is not only to solve the traditional problems of industrial baking, it also brings great convenience for industrial production, this innovative technology makes the entire industry have been developed.
In the absence of powder metallurgy technology before, industrial production are relying on traditional techniques, but as people increasingly high product requirements, it has been difficult to meet the requirements. It also promotes technological innovation, a new generation of powder metallurgy technology mainly in metal and non-metal powder or a powder combination, pressing or the like after the firing system from the technical equipment, the utilization of a molded material and are very high.
The emergence of powder metallurgy technology, to promote the development of China's industrial enterprises, the use of this technology produced products, precision, air permeability and other aspects have a significant advantage before the technology can not and solve the traditional process many shortcomings methods.
Because of its advanced technology, the convenience can be imagined, powder metallurgy technology only need to use the mixed powder, and adding an appropriate amount of a plasticizer to improve the powder moldability and plasticity can eventually compressed into a desired shape . In addition there are some special requirements needed for further processing, in general, it is all cooked parts can be directly used, this machining process is greatly simplified.
It has these features mentioned above, the powder metallurgy technology has become one of the industrial production processes using the most, believe in its future development will be more broad.