Development of powder metallurgy

With the development of science and technology market, the gradual penetration of the majority of powder metallurgy products industry, more and more fields start using powder metallurgy products, and with the continuous improvement of scientific and technological strength, so that more and more advanced powder metallurgy products, saving production cost, was a great benefit.
According to reports, there are applications of powder metallurgy technology in ancient times, the first method for producing substantially iron is used in powder metallurgy. The development of modern powder metallurgy technology There are three important signs:
1, to overcome the difficulties refractory metal casting process produces, in 1923 known as the emergence of powder metallurgy Carbide machining revolution.
2, thirties successful preparation of porous oil bearing; then the development of the iron-based powder metallurgy mechanical parts, give full play to the powder metallurgy little cutting or no cutting advantages.
3, forties, appeared cermet, dispersion strengthening and other materials, the late sixties to the early seventies, powder high speed steel, superalloy have appeared, and the use of powder metallurgy hot isostatic pressing and forging technology is increasingly large-scale manufacturing high strength and complex shape parts.