Powder metallurgy oil bearing production centers to transfer to China

Scientific investigation, along with metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection and other areas to expand the application of iron, flour with iron and even edible experiments are carried out. Plus powder metallurgy oil bearing production centers transfer to China, so that our country needs copper coated iron powder is increasing.
Copper coated iron needs increase its market overview reasons are:
First, copper coated iron technology of industrial production are in place to expand the copper coated iron powder varieties, improve product quality is the main task of the current copper clad iron production plant.
Second, powder metallurgy products toward high-density, high-strength, complex shape the direction of development, while the copper coated iron powder performance requirements become more stringent.
Third, the world copper coated iron traditional production methods: electrolysis, atomization process in our country has become increasingly mature, redox processes, slight sintering process, copper coated iron process is also out in the trial stage, has mass market.
Fourth, copper coated iron with steel rolling scale and with a reduction ratio of the reduction of iron concentrate powder occurring beneficial changes, due to improved continuous casting and rolling technology, the number can be used to manufacture iron rolled steel scales reduction. Visible, copper coated iron sales volume increased year by year.
Situation Analysis In addition, the general overall situation, China's iron-based, iron and copper coated iron powder, copper powder disparity yields in addition to foreign brands, mainly in product variety, quality, therefore, in order to make our copper package iron occupy a place in the world market, we also have a long way to go.