China is facing great opportunities metallurgy machinery parts

Mechanical transmission and components industry as the basis for the entire machinery industry, and its development is bound to promote the upgrading of the level of the host, and the rapid development of automobile, engineering machinery, construction machinery and other hosting industry in recent years, also driving a high-speed General Machine Components Industry increase. China's current production of gears, chains, sprockets, fasteners, powder metallurgy and other products have been ranked in the world, some still occupy a certain share of the international market. And because the world economic structure adjustment, China has gradually become a labor-intensive manufacturing base for raw material products, and mechanical parts such products belong to the majority, naturally attracted foreign buyers to purchase, while foreign manufacturers in China invested parts enterprises are accelerating the pace of its products are exported, and partly in domestic sales.
Improve grades
In recent years, as companies increased efforts to explore overseas markets, China General Machine Components exports increased year by year. The chain exports show "a wide range, increase in volume, fast speed," the characteristics of the products have been exported to the United States, Japan, Belgium, Germany, Canada and other 80 countries and regions. Fasteners exports hit record highs.
Experts believe that the international procurement of mechanical parts has become a trend, China has a relatively cheap labor and raw material resources, it is bound to become an international procurement targets, which provided an opportunity for China General Machine Components product next occupy a larger overseas markets. But because the majority of our exports of low-grade, not high-tech, so despite the large volume of exports, foreign exchange earnings are not high. Technical content and quality of export products to be further improved.
Related departments have also pointed out that in recent years, General Machinery imports grew faster than exports noteworthy growth phenomenon. General Machine Components of both production and manufacturing country, but also the consumer, many high-technology products, the domestic manufacturer can not be imported. Such as cars with automatic transmission, the price is expensive, to all imports of automotive fasteners have a similar situation. Therefore, the adjustment of product structure, improve product quality and the level is still the highlight of the whole industry.
Increase the technological transformation
According to reports, in order to stay ahead of the new round of development, a number of general machinery parts and components enterprises have increased technological transformation, have to purchase new equipment, new technology, new materials, and improve the level of information management, which will so that the industry's overall technological level to a new level.
The gear industry average annual imports of all kinds of gear processing machinery more than $ 100 million. Capital construction and technological transformation of enterprises by the amount of chain expansion to qualitative improvement. SMEs in previous years were generally based on the extensive technological transformation, we began to focus on the renovation of old equipment and advanced equipment investment. Medium-sized backbone enterprises in the technological aspect according to their actual needs Strategic decisions, on the other hand on the basis of past experience and innovative. Industry-wide technological transformation of the total investment of over 300 million yuan per year.
Integration of industry
Former state-owned enterprises in the industry restructuring, reorganization or joint-stock reform at the same time, the rapid rise of private enterprises and joint-stock enterprises have become the main force of General Machine Components Industry. Currently the main focus of our business fasteners, chains, sprockets, powder metallurgy, springs, transmission couplings and other industries in more than 85% of private or joint-stock enterprises, has almost no state-owned enterprises.
Corporate mergers and restructuring velocity China General Machine Components industry is also accelerating. Powder metallurgy industry began to be a large number of small business mergers; spring and chain industry also appeared merger or reorganization, the new enterprise groups began to appear. Wu Yun believes that mergers and acquisitions will help improve the competitiveness of enterprises and specialization among enterprises, help to optimize the industry structure and improve the overall level of the industry.
"Overall, China General Machine Components Industry should be implemented by the national macro-control of the machine, establish the scientific concept of development, adjust the direction and pace of development of good, solid foundation solidly in order to truly based on domestic, international, making China machinery and parts manufacturing power transmission Association and exporting countries. "