Of powder metallurgy auto parts development strategy

"Chinese multinational companies are gradually formed into an organic whole. They scattered from the past, a number of companies to go it alone, into one unified goal of a unified strategy, unified brand and harmonization of the Enterprise Group. Moreover, with the China's opening up to further increase the competitiveness of multinational corporations in China will be greatly enhanced. "this is the experts after studying Chinese multinational strategic conclusion.
With the deepening of globalization strategy, more and more multinational companies at a rapid rate components of the manufacturing bases to China, as well as a large number of companies in China to establish R & D centers, or to China as the world's most its important markets.
It is said that at the 11th Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition, the scale of some of the industry's concern is not the exhibitors, nor the level of participating products, but the next Chinese multinational strategy.
These words are not exaggerated. We can say that every major car show, like a big parade, as multinational companies to showcase products and technologies, but also intentionally or unintentionally put their future development strategy revealed itself. With the obvious trend of globalization, multinational strategic parts companies in China take often determines the domestic many local parts enterprises next phase of development, and even the future destiny. Chinese strategy of transnational corporations, research is promising local enterprises.
Impetuous wind enveloped the domestic auto industry
So, multinational aggressive momentum, whether local parts enterprises to promote domestic alert? How many companies aware of the threat, to take a practical and effective response? After recent years of development, there are several parts to compete with multinational companies can keep pace with it? When they learn to many experts and executives on these issues, but it was mostly shaking his head and sighing. Clearly, relying on other people's research strategy, after all, not a substitute for their own development. If in the face of strong multinational competitiveness of domestic enterprises can not be based on the specific circumstances, to develop their own development strategies, or just looking at a little bit of interest, no long-term strategic vision, the result can only know what is to be, unable to response, and finally eliminated by multinational corporations.
 "China's auto industry is neither big, but not strong, is still at the stage of import substitution under the protection of certain conditions, many related to the automobile industry has not been a matter of survival essay, impulsiveness hinder the healthy growth of the automobile industry." CPPCC Standing Committee, former deputy director of the State Bureau of machine Shao Qihui in a statement, seriously talked about the wind shadow of the domestic auto industry impetuous.
In recent years, the rapid development of the domestic automobile market, so that some people see the future direction, resulting in impulsiveness and grandiose style become more expansive, even is spreading in parts of the enterprise.
Under the influence of this impetuous attitude, many companies do not get down to business, so the market, but not strengthen research and development efforts and develop talent, but quick success, in order to obtain the immediate interests of the market a little resort to short-term behavior. It was so spicy asserted that the majority of local parts enterprises no development strategy system, just go step by step, until you come to desperation.
Thus, the following phenomena can be described in the parts business thinking empty accustomed to seeing: either disregard of economic laws and their own conditions on the market hot products herd; or the introduction of technology for the moment when the joint easily let foreign holdings; or in order to achieve purpose of "market for technology", take the initiative to valuable market resources and human resources plate. Some state-owned enterprises after years of accumulation and development, technological strength and personnel strength is very strong, one of the best in the same industry. However, in a joint venture with foreign investors, but rather the entire personnel of all technology transfer center, resulting in their own part of the joint venture did not have to re-recruit.
Multinational giants pressing harder and harder urgent situation
While some domestic parts enterprises lack of foresight in doing these things, but did not let multinational corporations, they took the opportunity to step up the pace of development in China, in order to attract talent, access to market and great care.
On the Shanghai auto show, he has for several years did not show up at the show of Delphi, suddenly a strong organization pavilions debut. In this regard, Delphi China official explained that in recent years there is no high-profile publicity, does not mean that business died down, they actually been quietly recruiting talent in order to establish a research and development center near to prepare. This time to participate in the show, but also to let more people know the Delphi brand, which is willing to plunge into the business in the past.