Powder metallurgy auto parts development time has come

Are important parts of automobile, motorcycle shock absorber piston rod and the piston guide valve. Taking into account the stability of the shock absorber damping force, the use of powder metallurgy parts, with high precision sheet surface can reduce friction, protect steering stability.
2016 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition once again become the focus of the industry. Such an event, brings together the global automotive industry's most cutting-edge technology and products, leading the "intelligent" trends. On the one hand, we see the domestic parts enterprises in the automotive industry in the development of globalization, has made a breakthrough in intelligence and electrification trend. On the other hand, parts enterprises inevitably once again been left aside. In the new State Fair, in addition to Bosch, only a few other large parts are arranged outside the field of enterprise zone, the heat is relatively eight vehicle exhibition hall, parts of the region much less. In the old State Fair (spare parts and new energy exhibition), even if still free exhibition also failed to get more compared to the previous popularity.
Smart Components difference a domestic research and development
"Intelligent" is this show a lot of parts exhibitors very prominent feature intelligent automatic driving ability and driving assistance technology will be the future standard car, so that the vehicle can take the initiative to implement pre-judgment on the surrounding environment and even make appropriate emergency action can be called intelligent. But this show will be apparent, many domestic small and medium enterprises intelligent parts only "low-end smart."
Based on intelligence and unmanned systems integration and realization of auto parts. According to the domestic development of unmanned vehicles and auto parts business route planning point of view, unmanned ultimately be divided into four stages. Currently based active safety "intelligent driver assistance systems" (Warning class system, emergency braking, etc.) is already in production (the first stage), is to achieve a particular highway traffic "partially automated driving" direction (ACC cruise, automatic car, change lanes, etc.) development (second phase), with strong research and development capabilities of vehicle and parts companies have reserves that can achieve most of the road "advanced autopilot" (phase III). Fully unmanned automatic pilot (Phase IV) will need a wider range of cross-border communications technology, laws and regulations to improve the coordination of the parties and other social construction.
The show, brings love letter with a cell phone controlled unmanned parking assist, easy to achieve extremely narrow parking space; emergency curbs backoff technology is unable to guarantee that when the driver is in a normal driving state, the vehicle can be automatically suspended for safety Cliff Road. Denso through a driving simulator allows visitors to experience the automatic change lanes highway, emergency stop. Bosch technology in these and other European parts enterprises booth also reflected. In fact, recently some domestic independent brand so hot unmanned vehicles and active safety features on high-end models are implemented using a Bosch, Delphi and other foreign parts enterprises technology.
Overall, many foreign parts enterprises have implemented the second phase of the development of unmanned process. In contrast, many domestic auto electronics parts enterprises are still in the first phase, limited to the development of early warning systems, especially in the camera image based on analysis of early warning systems, including forward collision warning, parking assistance and early warning. Of course, we should also see the show breakthrough Asia-Pacific shares, KOTEI science and technology enterprises in the field of intelligent assistance systems made. Asia-Pacific shares with a red flag H7 shows the ACC (adaptive cruise control), AEB (automatic emergency braking system), and other functions; KOTEI self-developed technology of intelligent network-linked vehicles have developed a version 3.0, and in the field of display, light Chamber of Science and Technology has been selected as some domestic Internet companies repairer of the main suppliers.
Traditional technology upgrade is fundamental
Who does "intelligent" auto parts? Who do driverless car? These problems in the industry has been debated for a long time. Through participation in this show parts suppliers interviews, we can see that the premise in intelligent auto parts research and development is the core enterprise product has been achieved by the "quantity" to "quality" from the scale to high-end upgrading and transformation. Crossed the border into automotive electronics industry R & D companies should cooperate with experienced traditional auto parts business, the two sides engaged in the study of intelligent components, electronic direction. Asia-Pacific shares to the braking system, chassis control technology, was able to bear fruit in the field of intelligent assistance systems after the acquisition and integration of a number of electronics companies.
Intelligence is from the point to the line, cross-industry chain upgrade from the line to the surface. With vehicle automobile electronic component costs accounted for the proportion of vehicle production cost increases, electronic components integrated hardware and software trends become more apparent, consistency, security, intelligent member of the more prominent. Only companies have accumulated decades of experience in the automotive industry after manufacturing intelligence product in order to ensure rapid industrialization. Therefore, research and development of intelligent automobile parts should be performed after upgrading traditional business.
The era of intelligent or achieve catch
The industry there is a view worth considering: in the era of intelligent electric vehicles, China's auto industry may be able to achieve the turn to overtake. Here the so-called "corner overtaking" not learn from foreign technology, not across the car manufacture the necessary design, verification and other sectors, but completely independent redesigned battery R & D systems, R & D vehicle and lightweight aluminum components. Industry experts pointed out that in electric vehicle design, research and development of battery technology, intelligent technology research and development, the gap between domestic and foreign enterprises gap is much smaller than traditional high-end auto parts field, plus stage emerging technology-oriented enterprises with the traditional components open enterprise integration, was able to emerge so many own brands in this show, Internet companies dare to publish intelligent electric supercar.
The core components of the short board Chinese auto industry, this sentence is how many industry experts, industry professionals on various occasions stressed repeatedly. Chinese parts enterprises with foreign competition in the process, has made great progress.