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China is facing great opportunities metallurgy machinery parts
Mechanical transmission and components industry as the basis for the entire machinery industry, and its development is bound to promote the upgrading of the level of the host, and the rapid
Of powder metallurgy auto parts development strategy
"Chinese multinational companies are gradually formed into an organic whole. They scattered from the past, a number of companies to go it alone, into one unified goal of a unified strategy, unified
Powder metallurgy auto parts development time has come
Are important parts of automobile, motorcycle shock absorber piston rod and the piston guide valve. Taking into account the stability of the shock absorber damping force, the use of powder metallurgy
Powder metallurgy products have significant advantages in precision, permeability, etc.
Powder metallurgy is the preparation of metal or metal powder (or a mixture of metal powder and nonmetal powder) as a raw material, after forming and sintering of metal materials, composite materials
Powder metallurgy products, low-cost advantage is increasingly clear
As China's national conditions caused by powder metallurgy and history, China's technological level of powder metallurgy products from the developed countries still have some gaps.
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