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company news
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Powder metallurgy products, low-cost advantage is increasingly clear
As China's national conditions caused by powder metallurgy and history, China's technological level of powder metallurgy products from the developed countries still have some gaps.
Powder metallurgy oil bearing production centers to transfer to China
Scientific investigation, along with metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection and other areas to expand the application of iron, flour with iron and even edible experiments are carried
Our team of powder metallurgy products increasingly large ring gear
Powder metallurgy ring gear products industry in various industries have made breakthrough progress, along with the gradual development of industry in today's society
Of the accumulation of power in the development of powder metallurgy
Chinese Academy of Engineering Xu in 2005 China Development Forum speech pointed out: China must change the mode of growth in manufacturing, green manufacturing will be the direction of the Chinese
Development of powder metallurgy
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2017-03-17 02:07
With the development of science and technology market, the gradual penetration of the majority of powder metallurgy products industry, more and more fields start using powder metallurgy products,
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