Yangzhou Powder Metallurgy Factory is reorganized as Yangzhou Yide Industry Co.,Ltd

Yangzhou Powder Metallurgy Factory founded

1965 2001 2003 2007

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Yangzhou Yide Machinery Co.,Ltd

Yangzhou Yide Machinery Co.,Ltd is reorganized from Yangzhou Powder Metallurgy Factory in 2001.Based on over fifty

years development, Yide is taking a very active role in powder metallurgy industry .As a leading PM parts manufacturer in

China, we are continuously growing. Sintered components manufactured by Yide are widely used in automobiles, power & gardening tools, home appliance, office mating, medicals and other related industries. While maintaining a production

system that seeks a balance in quality, price and delivery, we are striving to develop new technology for even greater

quality to meet customer needs.



VVT rotor

VVT rotor (3)

VVT rotor (2)

China is facing great opportunities metallurgy machinery parts
Mechanical transmission and components industry as the basis for the entire machinery industry, and its development is bound to promote the upgrading of the level of the host, and the rapid
Of powder metallurgy auto parts development strategy
"Chinese multinational companies are gradually formed into an organic whole. They scattered from the past, a number of companies to go it alone, into one unified goal of a unified strategy, unified
Powder metallurgy auto parts development time has come
Are important parts of automobile, motorcycle shock absorber piston rod and the piston guide valve. Taking into account the stability of the shock absorber damping force, the use of powder metallurgy


Yangzhou Yide Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Yide Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Yide is taking a very active role in

powder metallurgy industry



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